APLNEWS2009年7月号(APL News July, 2009)


1. IBM Workstation APL2の最新サポートレベル

 (Latest support level of IBM Workstation APL2)


4月IBMがサービスレベル14(=CSD14)を出荷しました。APL関数作成時使用されるObject Editorにいくつかの便利な機能が追加されました。

(In April, IBM shipped Workstation APL2 Service level 14.  A few new convenient features were added to the APL2 object editor.)



 (This editor now includes such powerful and pleasing features as the support of Japanese (or national languages) texts, text scan and replace, name localization, de-localization, elimination of redundant names in the header line, signaling erroneous entries by color marks, entry of APL2 characters by mouse selection from the language bar, automatic activation on error, execution of designated line and display of the result, etc.)



(Service level 14 also removed the workspace name length limit of 8 characters and now allows up to 64 character length, as you may think it more natural Today. Workspace names in Japanese can exist as file names, but neither APL2 session manager nor library manager do not support it.)



(IBM Runtime modules distributed in Our APL2 learning system package does not support APL2 library nor object editor. Therefor we will continue to use CSD12 level of runtime modules for now. APL2 function editor included in our package is definitely not as good as IBM product version, but has all the necessary and adequate features for the casual users and the beginners.)



(Please refer to the following IBM site for detailed description of Today’s APL2.)





 (APL2 Information center now opens for this coming summer season.)



(To provide the chance to learn how APL is excelled in helping individuals and enterprises to realize highly flexible IT utilization in a very short period of time at extremely low costs.)



1)       個人、企業を問わず、それぞれ個別の問題に対してAPLが具体的にどのように活用できるか、また目的達成に至る過程を相互に確認する。(Regardless of individual or enterprise needs, we mutually confirm by actual case the usable part of APL and the realistic process to achieve the final goal.)


2)       ご希望により、APLの考え方を理解していただくためのAPL学習支援システムによる実地訓練(個別対応)など。(Optionally face to face lessens by APL learning system package to learn APL2 language basics and principles.)


[場所(Place)]:長野県茅野市北山東急リゾートタウン あかしあ台9-

   APLコンサルタンツ APL研修センター (APL Consultants APL Study Center at Tokyu resort town 9-9 Akashia-dai, Kitayama, Chino-city, Nagano-Prefecture)


[期間(Period)]:2009年7月~9月(原則として常時)(July thru Sept, 2009 – basically open all time)


[宿泊施設(Accommodation)]:センター内に男性用区画二段ベッド3台(=Max.6名) 女性用区画二段ベッド2台(Max.4名)(ともに無料)、及び周辺にペンション、ホテル等の宿泊施設(自己負担)有り。同伴家族(含むペット)、複数日の滞在、観光、レジャーかねての出席すべて歓迎。

(One partition with 3 double-deck beds and another partition with 2 double-deck beds, for total of 10 free stay. There are commercial hotels and pensions in the town to stay at individual expenses. Accompanying family (including pets), prolonged stay beyond one night, combined stay with leisure and sight-seeing are all welcome. )



1)       JR中央線茅野駅東口より東急リゾートタウン無料巡回バス、ペンション峰下車。出発予定時間(要確認)毎日10:35、13:50,16:30

(Free-bus service between Chino-station (JR Chuo-line 2 hours by limited- express train from Shinjuku-station in Tokyo)  three times a day at 10:35, 13:50 and 16:30-needs confirmation with us.)


2)       車の場合は東急リゾートタウン センター地区駐車場(無料)から電話(0266−60−2977)してください。迎えに行きます。

(In case of car, park it at the free parking space in the Tokyu resort town center area and call us at 026-60-2977. We will pick you up.)


[食費(Meal expense)]:実費(共同自炊)(Actual food material fee will be split between attendants and meals should be self-prepared by mutual cooperation.)


[参加費用、相談料(Attendance and consultation fee) ]:無料(Free)


[参加資格(Attendant qualification)]:制限なし(Anyone can attend)


[その他の条件(Other conditions)]:事前の連絡と確認が必要です。原則として禁煙、禁深酒、他人にひどく迷惑になること以外行動は自由です。(Confirmation with us in advance is required. In principle, smoking in rooms, heavy drinking, any anti-social acts are prohibited. Otherwise, any individual private plans are honored.)


[主催(Organizer)]() APLコンサルタンツ ・オブ・ジャパン

(APL Consultants of Japan ltd.)

   229−0015 神奈川県相模原市下溝1507

      (1507 Shimomizo, Sagamihara, Kanagawa, Japan 229-0015)


      (Phone: 042-778-2127)



  講師(Lecturer and consultant):三枝協亮 (mail: kyosuke.saigusa@nifty.com

担当(Contact):三枝孝雄 (mail: takao.apl@nifty.com